Social listening tips from Netbase

In reading Netbase’s article “The Top 10 Social Listening Mistakes of 2016,” some takeaways for our own social media and engagement producers surfaced for me. Here are ten tips that I gleaned from the article:
1) Don’t focus on volume of mentions and shares – the biggest advantage listening offers is understanding viewer/member/fan reception of and engagement with your content.
2) Social listening allows you to build trust through authentic relationships, who now have an expectation that it is all about them.
3) Rely on interests over demographics – identify audiences by attitude, opinions and behaviors, not demographic segments.
4) Social listening can identify where your audience is most active and engaged, so you don’t waste time on platforms that don’t matter.
5) Don’t treat all social networks as equal – learn what resonates on different platforms with different audiences.
6) 67% of consumers have reached out to companies on social to manage complaints – make sure you’re hearing and responding to them, and have a strategy in place for managing complaints on social.
7) Use listening to track and identify potential issues that could become bigger social media backlash.
8) Understand that even if a campaign or content is not on social media, social is the #1 place people will go to react – so always track reaction on social, regardless of where the content lives.
9) Listen to your competitors to see what they’re doing better than you, and identifying your shared audience.
10) Everyone in your company can benefit from the insights social listening generates. Don’t just share what you’re learning with your social team – share it across content teams so everyone can benefit.


Article by: Tory Starr

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