27 Social Media Platform Updates You Missed Among the (March) Madness


  • Facebook is rolling out an integration of live TV and Watch Party. During select events, users will be able to create a watch party with an “on TV” option when they select a video.
  • Facebook launched a “Facebook Gaming” tab in the main navigation of their app.
  • Facebook discontinued support of the Creator App, a standalone product originally designed to support video creators and publishers post content, manage their Pages and engage directly with fans via mobile.
  • Facebook users can now add songs to their profile via Spotify.
  • Facebook has rolled out a “press and hold” option that allows users to more quickly react to a post.
  • Facebook enabled a new tool that lets users and Pages share Events in Facebook Stories.
  • Facebook is offering a Fan Subscriptions feature that lets followers pay a monthly fee to unlock exclusive content.


  • Instagram has rolled out a “pause all” notifications option on its iOS app.


  • Twitter rolled out its new camera function, gearing toward a more seamless way to capture real-time photos in tweets. Swipe left on the mobile app to reveal a camera; users can snap a photo or record a video that anchors your next tweet.
  • Twitter launched a new insights tool for publishers, called Timing is Everything. The tool includes historical data showing when audiences are interacting with video.
  • Twitter adds additional audience insights tools to its Media Studio, including time-based engagement rates.
  • Twitter has launched an improved “dark mode” that iterates on its previous “night mode” design.


  • A YouTube spokesperson confirmed the platform will start showing “information panels” with text from YouTube’s fact checking partners when people search for topics that are “prone to misinformation.”
  • YouTube launched an IRL pop up at its New York “YouTube House.”
  • YouTube Stories are now offering the Augmented Faces API for creators to create AR effects at realtime speeds.


  • Pinterest introduced a series of product marketing tools, including Catalogs, allows a user to upload their entire product catalog into a set of shoppable Pins.


  • Snapchat launched an in-app gaming feature, Snappables, AR games that use touch, motion and facial expressions to compete.



  • Facebook Messenger has implemented a new thread format with the introduction of a reply option on the messaging platform.

Social Marketing

  • Facebook launched a searchable Ad Library for all active ads, following a promise made last year to centralize information and increase transparency. This library includes all ads run on Facebook, whereas previous versions of the library showed only political ads. Inactive and expired non-political ads are exempted from the library, as are advertisements from news publishers that have registered through Facebook separately.
  • Instagram is adding a shopping cart feature that will allow users to shop on Instagram without leaving the platform. This “Checkout” feature means brands will no longer have to direct customers to their website to shop products; checkout tags will be accessible directly on Feed posts, Stories, and Explore.
  • Instagram introduced Interactive Stories ads, enabling the polling sticker on both video and image Story Ad units.
  • Facebook removed its “Ad Relevance Score” metric in favor of more granular data: Quality Ranking, Engagement Rate Ranking, and Conversion Rate Ranking.
  • Facebook limited its ad targeting options to “protect against discrimination in housing, employment and credit advertising.”
  • LinkedIn introduced new ad targeting options, including interest targeting and lookalike audiences.
  • Snapchat added new tools and insights for marketers and advertisers to its “Explore” education courses.

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