July Platform Updates: CrowdTangle loses Twitter data, a TikTok/GIPHY mashup and more…

The end of Twitter insights on CrowdTangle, group chats come to Instagram Stories, TikTok partners with GIPHY and more social platform updates you might have missed this July.


  • Instagram launched a Join Chat sticker for Stories, enabling users to opt-in to group discussions. 
  • Instagram implemented AI tools to stop bullying, including: 1) Comment warnings, deployed when Instagram detects language that could be seen as offensive; and 2) “Restrict,” a built-in program allowing a user to review comments from bullies (who won’t know they are being blocked) before anyone else sees them. 


  • Facebook expanded metrics for its Brand Collabs Manager. Creators now have access to performance insights and can share audience metrics with advertisers for more efficient and secure ad targeting. 
  • Facebook expanded its Patreon-style fan subscriptions option, allowing users to support creators with a monthly payment in exchange for exclusive content in Facebook Groups. 
  • Facebook Pages with a connected Instagram Business Account can now publish and schedule IGTV and Instagram Feed content from desktop using Creator Studio. (This feature is rolling out gradually.)
  • Facebook is now including information on your Page’s “Clickbait Repeat Offender Status” in the “Page Quality” tab. For more information on the Page Quality updates, read up here.


  • YouTube changed the way it handles manual copyright claims. Now content owners that want to claim copyright infringement will have to specify exactly where in a video their copyrighted material appears, and creators can more easily respond and verify whether or not a claim is legitimate, and where to possibly make necessary changes to their content. Creators will have more flexibility to see the portion of the video that’s been claimed, mute the audio in that portion, replace it with a free-to-use song from YouTube’s library or completely cut out that portion of the video. 
  • YouTube introduced a new set of tools to boost video monetization. Offerings include animated stickers that individuals can purchase from channel owners during pre-recorded videos and live-streams, paid Channel Memberships for $4.99 per month, and merchandising programs for US businesses.
  • YouTube Music now allows users to seamlessly switch between audio and music videos. Being able to switch between the media with more ease should allow for a more seamless experience for users and provide a better way for brands and broadcasters to interact with users. YouTube users will notice a new video button at the top of the screen when they start listening to a song, and by clicking it,  they can instantly start watching the music video. 


  • Reddit launched Custom Feeds, a much-requested update to the product formerly known as Multireddit. Custom Feeds allow users to browse multiple communities at once and can be shared. 
  • Reddit rolled out “Community Awards,” giving every subreddit a chance to offer up to six awards to its community members, costing between $1.99 and $99.99 via Reddit’s “Coins” system. Twenty percent of any coins spent in a subreddit will go directly to moderators, who then distribute rewards.


  • To spur downloads, TikTok is now offering users rewards for referrals. Users will get the chance to collect points they can redeem for rewards like Starbucks, Uber and Walmart gift cards.
  • TikTok rolled out a partnership with GIPHY. Users can now add trending GIPHY stickers to their videos by clicking the GIPHY button within the app.


  • Twitter users can now both retweet and quote retweet on the same tweet, so that the original poster is alerted to the quote retweet. 
  • Twitter rolled out a desktop redesign with a new home screen layout, simplified navigation, easy profile changing, advanced search capabilities and theme and color personalization options. 
  • Twitter released LiveCut, a new tool that helps people make, monetize and share video clips of live broadcasts through Twitter. LiveCut, which can be found within Twitter Media Studio, is similar to SnappyTV, which Twitter bought in 2014 and will be shut down later this year.  
  • Twitter will now alert users to new followers and show the new followers’ profile in the “notifications” section.
  • CrowdTangle announced it will no longer offer Twitter data insights starting September 29th through the main CrowdTangle dashboard. It will continue to include Twitter data in the Chrome Extension, which still allows you to see any tweets that have linked to that URL.


  • Snapchat offered a new feature called Highlights, allowing people with official accounts on the app to show off a curated collection of permanent photos and videos. 
  • Snapchat expanded its shows with a handful of digital-first and traditional media creators like Serena Williams and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the app’s short-form vertical video format.


  • Pinterest introduced a new video uploader, allowing accounts to upload videos directly the platform (there is also a “Pin Scheduler” tool that allows business accounts to schedule videos in advance). A new video tab on business profiles allows brands to feature all their videos in one place. 


  • Google rolled out Shoelace, a hyperlocal network for people who want to find others to join them in activities like sports and attending shows.

Social Advertising

  • Facebook launched Search Ads globally, allowing advertisers to target people with relevant ads based on their searches within Facebook. 
  • Facebook changed its restrictions to mobile News Feed ads, shrinking the amount of text allowed (to three lines, compared to the previous seven lines) and image size (4:5 aspect ratio, compared to the previous 2:3). 
  • Facebook reinstated Custom Audiences reach estimates after fixing a consumer privacy issue that prompted the removal of the tool in March 2018.
  • Content creators will have more opportunities to use Facebook to monetize ads and branded content with an expanded Ad Break product that functions in pre-roll and mid-roll videos, and a non-interruptive image ad that shows below the video. 
  • Facebook now shows users how to opt out of targeted ads.
  • Pinterest’s new Mobile Ad Tools allow businesses to easily create and manage Pinterest ad campaigns from mobile devices. 
  • Snapchat has a new tool for creating vertical ads called Instant Create that makes it easy to pull in photos directly from your website to help create your ad. 

Rumors / Beta tests

  • Snapchat is reportedly testing a new feature similar to the Netflix home page. The new “Shows” section feature will have a special section for shows, separate from the Discover page, which will make it easier for the viewers to binge-watch.  
  • The FTC responded to children’s privacy advocates concerned about children’s content on YouTube, ruling that YouTube wouldn’t need to move all children’s content to a separate platform.
  • Facebook is testing ‘Suggested Moderators‘ for Groups, targeted to group members which Facebook’s system identifies as engaged users who may be able to help manage their online communities. 
  • Tiktok is testing features that resemble popular elements of Instagram, including a grid-display, “For You” page, “Discover” tab, Suggested users, a Search page, account switching and more.

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