Social media platform changes: Our monthly roundup for social media managers

Yes, January was a tough year. Among the madness, here are some social media platform updates you may have missed: a massive integration of social messaging platforms, swipe-able YouTube videos and a rumor that your Snap Stories may lose their ephemerality.


  • Facebook announced an integration of the technical infrastructure of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, allowing people find users and communicate across the platforms. The three apps have 2.6 billion users combined.
  • Facebook created a petitions feature called Community Actions, allowing users to tag relevant government organizations to send them a notification of a petition.


  • Twitter began a slow roll out of a redesigned interface for users on, including an emoji button and update to its trending section.
  • Twitter released a 2019 major events calendar to provide insight into trending conversations on the platform. The calendar includes everything from national holidays, to music festivals, to trade shows and sports events.




  • LinkedIn added interest targeting to its Campaign Manager, enabling advertisers to target based on users’ interests like artificial intelligence and global economy.


Social Marketing

  • Reddit debuted cost-click-ads on the platform, it’s first foray into performance-based ad bidding for advertisers.

Tests and Rumors 

  • Facebook is in talks to sell its users subscription services to premium TV networks like HBO, in hopes that users will watch the network’s content on their own apps.
  • Facebook is developing a video product aimed at teens, LOL, a special feed of memes, funny videos and GIF-like clips.
  • Instagram is testing out prominent call-to-action buttons in posts, mirroring its parent app Facebook.
  • Twitter is testing different features including new designs for threads and “presence features” to show when a user is active to improve “conversational health.”
  • YouTube is testing a new recommendation strategy. A test roll out to users includes blue bubbles below videos to suggest keywords, creators, and related topics to assist the user in sorting through videos.
  • Permanent snaps?! Snap, Inc. is weighing a change to the platform that could make posts longer lasting or permanent.
  • TikTok is testing ads. In January, the app showed its first skippable ad from GrubHub.

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Article by: wgbhsocial

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