Social media platform changes, privacy updates and rumors: April 2018

Despite dozens of new exciting features such as Instagram Focus, Snapchat AR Lenses and Facebook live crossposting, the story of April social media changes was all about data and privacy. Facebook launched a slew of new products and features that give users more authority over the data Facebook tracks and shares, and other platforms are making moves such as limiting API access as the GDPR deadline approaches at the end of May.

Platform changes

Privacy/Data changes

  • Facebook launches a “Custom Audiences certification tool” that requires marketers to guarantee email addresses used for ad targeting were rightfully attained. Facebook has also stopped the sharing of Custom Audience data across Business accounts.
  • In a similar move around data sharing and privacy, LinkedIn has cut off third party access to in-depth information on personal profiles. They have also closed off LinkedIn Groups to all partners and integrated services, meaning users of social media management platforms will no longer be able to schedule content to LinkedIn Groups.
  • Instagram limits API access for developers and third party platforms, decreasing the number of times a developer can use the API to ping Instagram for updated information.
  • Facebook launches a new authorization process for ads run by Pages with large follower numbers and with advertisers who place ads related to political issues. The authorization process requires the Page admins to disclose their locations and identities. Moving forward, ads that are political or related to elections will include a “Political Ad” label and disclosures about who paid for the advertising.
  • WhatsApp raises the minimum age for users in Europe from 13 to 16.



Article by: Tory Starr

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