Social Media Platform Updates: May 2019

From a new integration between Eventbrite and Facebook Events, to horizontal video on IGTV, it was a busy month for new product updates, rollouts, and feature launches on your favorite social media platforms.


  • Facebook introduced a series of video ranking updates, clarifying which factors are taken into consideration when ranking videos for news feed distribution. Three factors are highlighted as most important: 1) Loyalty and intent, 2) video and viewing duration, and 3) originality.
  • Facebook implemented a “one-strike” rule for Facebook Live, barring any page or profile which has violated certain Facebook rules, including its policy against terrorist and hate groups. 
  • Eventbrite has integrated more seamlessly with Facebook Events to allow for direct ticketing.
  • New Insights are rolling out within Facebook Creator Studio to include deeper metrics on demographics, viewing behaviors and interests of your audiences.


  • Instagram’s IGTV is expanding beyond vertical, and for the first time supporting videos shot in the traditional landscape orientation. 
  • IGTV has been redesigned to more closely resemble key features that are working for other mobile video platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat.
  • Instagram has added a “Creator Account” account type designed for Public Figures/Celebrities, Digital-First Creators, and Media Organizations. The account type extends some existing business tools and introduces new creator-specific tools.
  • Instagram has a newly redesigned Explore page featuring Stories, shortcuts to IGTV, and shopping. 
  • Instagram is shuttering “Direct,” its standalone camera-first messaging app used to send Instagram direct messages. 
  • Instagram Insights are now available in Facebook Creator Studio, showing account and post-level insights.



  • YouTube will change the way it displays channel subscriber counts, rounding figures instead of displaying specific follower numbers. 

Social Advertising

  • LinkedIn added a new tab that offers insight into a company’s ads for the previous six months, following other social platform moves toward ad transparency. 

Rumors and Tests

  • Instagram has been testing a “join chat” sticker option in Stories, which take platform users to private discussion groups. If enabled, this would enable brands to interact directly with their audiences at a larger scale than 1-1. 
  • Instagram is working on an update that allows users to share a link to their Story.
  • Snapchat is preparing the legal deals necessary with leading record labels to enable users to add music to their Stories without violating licensing agreements. 
  • Twitter is testing a new carousel ads format.
  • Facebook’s “Clear History” tool will roll out this summer. The tool reportedly allows users to see and clear any off-Facebook activity, limiting the ability for advertisers to track users when they are away from Facebook and serving them ads based on browsing behavior. 
  • Facebook plans to launch WhatsApp ads next year as part of Statuses, WhatsApp’s answer to Instagram’s Stories.


Article by: wgbhsocial

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