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Social Media Reminders for Election Day/Week(s)

Happy Election Day! Read through today’s special edition newsletter for reminders on managing a social media presence during a time of political uncertainty.

Content Planning

We are heading into some potentially rocky days. If breaking news happens, especially if there is civil unrest, some of your planned posts might seem out of touch or tone deaf. (This is true even if you run a social media account that has nothing to do with the news or news coverage.) Please keep a close eye on what is happening in this country and shift your social media activity accordingly. Be ready this week to “pause” any scheduled or planned social media posts or campaigns.


On Election Day, the security of your social media accounts is vitally important. Before you begin the day, do a quick audit of your social media accounts:
  • Is two-factor authentication turned on? If you have the option for the second device used for authentication, choose an app over SMS/phone.
  • Do you have any extraneous admins on your Facebook or LinkedIn Pages? If so, delete them.
  • What third party apps have access to your social accounts? Check tools like Facebook’s Security Checkup to review what other third party apps have access to your account, and eliminate anything you don’t actively use.
  • Who has access to your password(s)? Passwords should be owned and managed by a single individual using a password keeping tool.
This week, keep your eye out for news or any Election Day related hacks or phishing attempts, and change your password if you hear of any breach.

Social Media Policies

PBS’ robust Editorial Standards hub includes guidance on social media, political expression and best practices for covering the 2020 elections. (Note: access to the PBS Hub is granted for public media employees only.)

Social Strategy During Election Week

Identifying Misinformation on Social

Social media will be filled with important news and updates this week, but it will also be filled with those intentionally trying to sow discord and create confusion. It’s up to all of us to arm ourselves with the tools to know the difference between legitimate information and manipulation. Here are some resources to review, to keep your eye on the ball:

Using Social to Cover the Election

Covering the election? If you have access to CrowdTangle, it is your friend this week.

Other Reminders

Facebook has temporarily halted all political ads in the US. This might also extend to any ads you’re trying to run that mentions a “political topic” as defined by Facebook. Unless you are registered as a News Page on Facebook, it might be difficult to push through any Facebook or Instagram advertising this week.
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Article by: Tory Starr

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