Newsletter: Thanksgiving Edition 2020


Research & Reports

  • This survey claims that the COVID-19 pandemic is driving people to social media, with large spikes in content consumption among YouTube (43%), Facebook (40%), Instagram (32%) and Twitter (23%). (Forbes)
  • TikTok will pass 1 billion users in 2021, a new report claims. (Social Media Today)
  • Business Insider Intelligence predicts Reddit’s monthly user base to grow by 25.3% this year to 37.7 million users, due to Reddit’s news-oriented nature coupled with the rise in entertainment consumption. (Business Insider Intelligence)
  • Twitch has reached a new viewership record, increasing by 14% in October to 1.6 billion hours of live-streamed video watched. Contributing to Twitch’s growth was its “Just Chatting” section and other non-gamer sectors such as Science & Technology. (Forbes)

Social Media Headlines & Case Studies

  • Twitter will relaunch account verification in 2021, news organizations must have “professional standards” to qualify. (TechCrunch)
  • Facebook has banned pre-recorded and looping videos from the Facebook Live API and Facebook Live. (AdWeek)
  • This piece on audiograms as a solution for podcast marketing in this week’s Hot Pod concludes that “while there may be incremental lift in conversions to download podcasts, audiograms are better viewed as a brand awareness option, creating buzz and social conversation around your podcast. (HotPod)
  • The US government granted TikTok an extension to later this week, November 27, to get US national security officials to approve its proposed deal with Oracle and Walmart. (Washington Post)
  • Twitter Fleets are here! To make sense of the new feature, check out this analysis by Josh Benton back in March, who wrote that fleets might make journalists’ feeds cleaner while damaging journalism as a whole. (Nieman Lab)
  • How Instagram’s new redesign is driving short form video and in-app shopping (Social Media Week)
  • Check out this Twitter directory for new ideas on the platform; examples are grouped into categories such as live tweeting, memes, threads, and more. (Twitter Inspiration Handbook)
  • Facebook has updated Rights Manager to let creators set up new rules to detect duplicate content as it is posted by others, then monetize it where possible. (Social Media Today)
  • Case study: Showtime promotes its “Moonbase 8” series with an Instagram account with updates from the show’s characters (AdWeek)
  • Case Study: How The Atlanta Voice used CrowdTangle to report on their local Black community (CrowdTangle)

Social Media Best Practices

  • A new study examining how audiences respond to coverage of crises — both natural and manmade — on Twitter found that audiences value “instructing” information more than other types of reporting, and they are most willing to retweet that information. (American Press Institute)
  • Advice on how to successfully use humor in social content includes not being afraid to show personality, being active to understand and respond to trending memes and topics, writing like a human being and knowing your audience. (The Drum)
  • How to conduct a speedy social media audit (Sprout Social)
  • Facebook’s social media copy tips to help you get better ad results. (Social Media Today)
  • LinkedIn’s guide to brand-building on its platform. (Social Media Today)
  • Unlock success by embracing social media data analysis (Sprout Social)

Thanksgiving @ GBH

Happy almost-Turkey Day! To celebrate the holiday, here are a few examples of what’s cooking with GBH and GBH productions on social media:
  • NOVA produced this social video about the safety and science of flying during the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • GBH launched brand-new Julia Child GIFs for the non-turkey lovers, celebrating her famous coq au vin recipe. The GIF release is complemented by a new GIPHY Story and Stickers which will be available for Instagram, Snapchat and SMS users through the GIPHY API.
  • In a live streamed event called “Much Ado about Stuffing,” NOVA teamed up with Cook’s Illustrated to answer Facebook fans’ last minute Thanksgiving cooking questions — from helping you do the math to reduce recipe sizes to science-backed ways to get the most flavor from your food.
  • WORLD Channel’s “Stories from the Stage” series is running a national 24-hour marathon Thanksgiving weekend, including the premiere of two new remote virtual episodes. The marathon will stream across broadcast, Facebook and YouTube starting at Saturday at 8pm ET.
  • The World’s Thanksgiving show tomorrow will be filled with music and stories of migration from four global artists. Listen to the artists before the show with this Spotify playlist.
  • GBH News will continue to bring you daily coverage on social media, starting with their always-popular Early Edition Facebook Live at 4:50am. Follow GBH News on Facebook for the top stories.

Sprout Stations, Unite!

GBH has been using Sprout for almost a year now, and we’d love to connect with others that have implemented the social publishing, engagement, listening and reporting software at their stations.
New to the NPR+Friends Slack space is a #Sprout-Users channel for NPR and PBS stations using Sprout to collaborate/compare notes/troubleshoot issues — you can search for it within the Slack or email me if you’d like to be added!

Feature: Social Media All Starting to Look the Same

This feature by Axios calls attention to the fact that the major social media platforms, through mimicry and copying of each others’ most successful features, have become similar to each other. This is important for social media producers to understand: as platforms become more similar to each other, a core set of content formats have emerged. The jobs and skill sets of social media professionals should be able to reflect expertise in these established formats, such as visual feed posts, engagement through messaging, Stories, AR filters, live video and short form “TikTok” style video content.

Platform Updates

  • Twitter “Fleets,” aka posts that disappear after 24 hours, have rolled out to users globally. Twitter joins Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook in offering temporary messages. (Twitter)
  • Instagram expands its “Guides” feature to all users. Guides are designed to give Instagram accounts a way to share text-oriented content more blog post style, accompanied by photos, galleries and videos. (TechCrunch)
  • LinkedIn Company Pages have two new options for its “call to action” buttons: Give and Volunteer. Here’s an example of Give from the American Cancer Society and Volunteer from the American Red Cross.
  • Twitter announced “Spaces,” which allows users to join virtual rooms and have real-time, audio conversations. (The Verge)
  • Snapchat launched a TikTok-like feed called “Spotlight” that displays engaging and creative Snaps to other users. (TechCrunch)
  • Facebook has rolled out new messaging features on Instagram and Messenger including “Watch Together,” chat themes, and “vanish mode” with Snapchat-style disappearing messages. (Messenger News)
  • Facebook’s collage-making app launched in the US. (TechCrunch)
  • Facebook opens up its Rights Manager to all Page admins. (The Verge)
  • Instagram is launching keyword search, allowing users to search for specific keywords in addition to being able to search profiles, hashtags and locations. This new feature will serve as a way to boost SEO via brand captions. (The Verge)
  • TikTok announced new parental controls, among them the ability to determine what content teens can search for, and whether their profile is public or private. (TechCrunch)
  • Instagram undergoes a major redesign, with more visible placement to “Shop” and “Reels,” and moving search and notification tabs to the top of the screen. (Engadget)
  • You can now toggle between different Instagram accounts on desktop. (Matt Navarra)
  • Twitch has launched a ‘Predictions’ feature to let users bet on what will happen in streams. (TubeFilter)
  • Instagram has extended its branded content tag option to Reels to ensure influencers clearly disclose when content is branded. (Instagram)

Turkey Day Reads

  • How to navigate the year of ‘social media hesitation’ (PR Daily)
  • What makes it easy to hate Facebook but hard to leave? Groups. (Washington Post)
  • How some Conservatives have switched to Parler, Rumble and Newsmax (New York Times)
  • Social media innovation is dead (Business Insider)
  • The four latest contenders to Facebook’s social media throne (CNBC)
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Article by: Tory Starr

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