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Research & Reports

NewsWhip’s analysis of social media video in the first half of 2020 came to these conclusions:
  • Engagement with Facebook video posts (1,600 average) was higher than photo posts (1,100) and link posts (360).
    • Engagement with native Facebook video posts was highest on average, followed by live video and embedded video. Live video dominated comments, however, with more than 4x the comments as native or embedded video.
    • Pages that have a niche and stick to it have a loyal video audience.
    • There is very little correlation between Facebook post engagement and Page likes – meaning that Page likes have little to do with how many people engage with video on Facebook.
    • Public media shout out: PBS NewsHour was singled out as a Facebook Page with the highest proportion of comments, once you factor out religious pages.
    • The top videos on Facebook averaged around three minutes, longer than one year ago when the top videos averaged two.
  • Instagram videos see “significantly” more engagement than Facebook videos.
    • While media brands and publishers have more engagement on Facebook, celebrities and influencers have more engagement on Instagram.
    • Comment counts are lower on Instagram than other platforms — it is harder to get comments on Instagram than on Facebook.
Read NewsWhip’s report in its entirety here.

Social Media Best Practices

LinkedIn Growth Tips

LinkedIn held a “Guide to Pages and Organic Presence on LinkedIn” virtual open session packed with tips for optimizing and growing your Company Page on LinkedIn. I watched the webinar and game away with these top tips:
  • Complete your page: Upload your official logo, and fill out the industry, description, organization type, location, and website fields. Set three hashtags for the Page and interact on these Communities Hashtag feeds (admin view > home > right hand widget “Community Hashtags” to track hashtags specific to your Page).
  • Since the pandemic, Company Pages have been posting more often and at all hours. You’re online more, your audiences are as well. Pages that post daily get twice the member engagement (but don’t post more than once a day).
  • Use content suggestions (under Admin view > content > trending articles) to find what topics are trending with your followers. Refine insights by job function, industry, seniority and more.
  • Leverage the voice of your employees and fans to highlight the best of your brand. Go to your Activity Feed to see who mentions or tags you in their posts.
  • Mix up your post types: Video, images, documents. New post types: LinkedIn Live, Stories. Mix up the content as well: give kudos to an employee, spotlight an inspirational leader, and showcase thought leadership
  • LinkedIn Live uses a live API so you can live stream to your Company Page or a LinkedIn Event (or both). LinkedIn Live gives you data such as audience retention, engagements, and who attended.
  • The use case for LinkedIn Stories is different than normal Stories. Show behind the scenes at your company – what is it like for your employees? — or establish thought leadership.
  • Video on LinkedIn performs the best with a strong opening, especially because there is no custom thumbnail for LinkedIn. Keep videos casual, authentic and not overly-produced. Videos between 1-3 minutes perform the best, and add captioning to optimize for mobile audiences.
  • LinkedIn Events is now a feature open to all. Creates an Event Page and you can invite first degree connections to attend. Those who RSVP get notified ahead of time and when the event goes live.
  • Make each post a two-sided conversation – ask questions, respond to comments.
  • Include 2-3 community hashtags with each post.
  • Encourage your employees to re-share your content. Use the feature “Employee notifications” that lets you ping your employees on LinkedIn up to once a week, to re-share key company page content.
  • Link to your LinkedIn Company Page in your marketing comms.
  • Review analytics to identify what content performed best
  • Low hanging fruit for anyone running a Company Page: Ask each employee to update their LinkedIn profile to include the company; add a LinkedIn follow button to your website; and invite your first-degree profile connections to follow your Page (Bonus: run a campaign to all employees to do this).

Editorial Guidelines

So you’ve made an error. Now what? Even if you’re very careful, errors can still happen. And corrections must follow – no matter the platform. Read this memo on PBS’ Standards & Practices portal for guidance on how best to make corrections on social media. (Note: PBS Hub password required)

New Sprout Features!

  • We now have custom bit.lys fully integrated into Sprout. All local units using will have their links automatically shortened using the custom URL, and WORLD Channel has their own All national units that use will be automatically shortened to via PBS’s own account.
  • We have set up UTM tracking for all teams within Sprout. This means that any link you post from Sprout will include parameters such as source (Facebook, Twitter) and campaign so you can track performance from Sprout versus earned social from within Google Analytics. All intel on these UTMs will appear in GA. If you want additional custom tracking codes implemented, ping Jackie Bruleigh in the #Sprout-User-Group channel to set them up!
  • You can now add descriptive (alt) text for images publishing to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • You can now tag Instagram photos in your Compose window.
  • Autosave asset is now an option from the Compose window, allowing you to save any image, video or document to the Sprout Asset Library.
  • You can now moderate Twitter replies directly through Sprout. This new Twitter option to suppress spam and abuse is now available through your Smart Inbox (“Messages”).

Internal Announcements

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Article by: Tory Starr

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