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PBS NewsHour on Social Live Streaming

Last month PBS NewsHour hosted a webinar that outlined their best practices on Facebook Live, Twitter and YouTube. Here were my top takeaways for social media producers:
  • Impact: Live streaming to NewsHour’s digital and social platforms has demonstrably driven engagement and increased audiences.
  • Types: NewsHour live streams news events, their show and in addition live stream exclusive Q&As with experts and reporters, with viewer questions answered in real-time. On YouTube, NewsHour directs people to the YouTube community tab to leave questions beforehand.
  • Marketing: They don’t promote live streams until the morning of (or sometimes the day before). They also repackage newsworthy clips from live streams and post them as VOD; they get a long-tail second life. When promoting live streams, be specific about what viewers will learn from the stream (stay away from generic “conversation about coronavirus” titles).
  • Platforms: YouTube Live is getting the longest retention; Facebook consumption is mostly through the newsfeed and even though fewer people stick around, the quality of comments and questions is high; Twitter live stream engagement is lowest.
  • Roles: NewsHour has both digital and social producers managing streams and leading audience engagement. These producers actively moderate chat and post links to other relevant content. They noted that the quality of comments are high if moderation is involved. And if there is nobody available to moderate, NewsHour turns off comments on that stream.
This webinar was led by James Williams, Executive Director of Digital Strategy; Julia Griffin, Senior Coordinator of Digital Video; and Travis Daub, Director of Digital. View an archive of the entire webinar here.

Platform Updates

  • Starting today, all local news on Facebook will be migrated from “Today In” to Facebook News, a single space for both national and local news. (To be featured in Facebook News, make sure your page is registered for the News Page Index. Once you are registered, your Page must post the story in a link post for it to be featured in Facebook News.)
  • Facebook Gaming expands fan subscriptions for live streamers.
  • To curb the spread of misinformation, Facebook is adding a pop-up warning for users who share a story that is more than 90 days old.

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Article by: Tory Starr

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