Social Media Portal: September 3, 2020


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Research & Reports

  • ListenFirst Media’s report about social engagement with TV shows in the first half of 2020 includes the fact that social engagement for streaming TV Facebook Pages was up 6% in Q2, where engagement was down -39% for Broadcast TV Pages and -14% for Cable Pages. Download full report here.
  • NewsWhip published their list of the top publishers on Facebook in July, with The Daily Wire, CNN, and Fox News leading the list; however engagement overall was down month-on-month across the board.
  • eMarketer has a deep dive on the rising popularity of augmented reality on social media.

Social Media Headlines & Case Studies

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Social Media Best Practices

GBH Shout Out

  • To celebrate GBH’s new brand refresh, GBH social accounts scrubbed every word with the letter “W” from its tweets and posts on Thursday.
  • As part of our commitment to combating misinformation, disinformation and “fake news,” GBH has been rolling out #TuesdayTips on social media to help followers distinguish fact from fiction online. These tips come for our “Combating Disinformation” resources that curates GBH, GBH News and our productions’ coverage and reporting on the subject.
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Editorial Standards

From the PBS Editorial Standards & Practices Hub: Ethics and the law require transparency whenever a social media influencer is paid (or otherwise provided consideration) to promote content. This memo provides guidance on when—and where—to use #ad, #sponsorship, and other disclosure language on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. (Note: Accessible for PBS member stations only)

Platform Updates

Labor Day Reads



Article by: Tory Starr

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