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Social media platform updates: What changed in June?

You heard it here first: Both YouTube and Facebook are considering major changes to where key content is distributed within their platforms, with YouTube considering moving Children’s content to the YouTube Kids app and Facebook considering moving news content to a dedicated space.

27 Social Media Platform Updates You Missed Among the (March) Madness

While you were watching your brackets, the social media platforms announced some big changes. Get the full roundup here: 27 announcements, launches, and new features that you should know — including a live TV integration for Facebook’s “Watch Party,” a new camera feature on Twitter, and the launch of Facebook’s searchable ad library.

Social Media Platform Changes: What you missed in February

There are hundreds of updates, new features, and beta tests every month on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other major social media platforms. We’ve identified the most important changes that are likely to affect you as a producer of content or a manager of communities on these platforms.