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April Roundup: WGBH Social Live Streams

This month, we celebrated Eric Jackson, pre-gamed the Boston Marathon, gave you behind-the-scenes access to Antiques Roadshow’s outdoor summer tour, and premiered the new series “NOVA Wonders” on PBS and Facebook simultaneously.

WGBH Social Live Streams from March 2018

From conversation digging into concepts explored in the upcoming NOVA doc “Decoding the Weather Machine” to the latest WGBH News “Inside Boston” discussion about South Boston, here’s a full roundup of the social media live streams produced in March.

WGBH Social Live Streams: February 2018

From a moving Geri Allen tribute concert to discussions around politics, local communities, healthcare and the #MeToo movement from the Boston Public Library, catch up on all the social live streams we produced in February.

WGBH Social Live Streams: January 2018

From a Q&A with an astrophysicist to an inside look at Massachusetts’ 2018 gubernatorial candidates, here is a full roundup of all the social live streams we produced in January.