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Facebook Live July 2017 Roundup

Facebook Lives produced by WGBH this month include a “rare” look at cuddly animals, an intimate conversation with a Congressman and a look back at the history of the broadcast newsmagazine.

The Future Of TV Is Social

Social platforms such as Snapchat and Facebook are venturing into the world of TV-style content, and advertisers should seize the opportunity to shift away from interruptive ads to episodic branded content that is culturally relevant to viewers.

How Hulu tapped into political turmoil to promote ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

Hulu’s marketing strategy for “The Handmaid’s Tale” centered on social media and received a boost from the political climate in the US, with some of the most used hashtags associated with the series being #feminism and #dystopia. Hulu ran social contests on Twitter and Facebook and had the show’s writer and actors take over the show’s Instagram account to talk about their favorite moments.

How MTV does Facebook Live across Europe

Some publishers may have cooled a little on using Facebook Live, but MTV International still sees big value in using the feature and plans to use what it’s learned to inform future blueprints for branded-content Lives.

Hashtags’ Boom in TV Commercials Is Over

For a brief moment in 2014, it seemed like every TV commercial ended with a hashtag. Today, Twitter calls to action are still far more frequent in TV ads than referrals to Facebook, which appear in just 0.25% of national ads.

Brut Shares How They Went From 0 to 80 Million Monthly Video Views In Just Six Months

Brut, a six-month-old French digital video publisher, is already surpassing the country’s biggest news outlets in terms of social engagement, particularly amongst millennials. The company is small, only 12-15 people, the fanciest camera they have is an iPhone 7, and it’s CEO, Guillaume Lacroix, can’t remember if Brut has a homepage or not. It does but it’s sparse — populated only with links to social accounts.