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New WGBH show tracks trends in social media

Millions across the country are turning to social media to banish the quarantine blues. But as TikToks gain likes and tweets go viral, other posts flop instead. “Keep It Social,” a new weekly digital series, tackles what’s trending and why.

American Experience’s “This is My Brother” is a Shorty Award Winner

The American Experience team turned to their hyper-engaged social media audience to help them identify a young man captured in archival footage, speaking to a reporter while marching in Memphis just a few days after MLK’s assassination. The story of this young man, and American Experience’s path to telling his story, has won the 2019 Shorty Award for Storytelling.

MTV Cribs: American Experience Edition

On JFK’s 101st birthday, American Experience took a tour of his birthplace via Instagram Story. Special Projects Assistant at American Experience, Erin Binnie, walks through the reasons the post was so successful.

April Roundup: WGBH Social Live Streams

This month, we celebrated Eric Jackson, pre-gamed the Boston Marathon, gave you behind-the-scenes access to Antiques Roadshow’s outdoor summer tour, and premiered the new series “NOVA Wonders” on PBS and Facebook simultaneously.