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A new GlobalWebIndex report paints a picture of the pandemic driving rising usage rates and news consumption via social media. Global internet users have increased their average number of social media accounts to 8.1. Nearly half of those surveyed turn to social media for news. (Mobile Marketing Report)

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Steal This Idea

The NHL has teamed up with Twitter and Disney for live look-ins via Twitter of games during the 2020 Stanley Cup qualifiers and playoffs. Fans will be able to vote in Twitter polls for which games should be featured.
What programming do you have that can be informed by your social audience?

Public Media Highlight:

This week I’m going to share what I learned about Twitter threads during the latest PBS NewsHour Q&A.
  • Twitter threads are helpful in a number of different use cases: threads can break down complicated statistics, take on the form of a personal journal, or tell a narrative story.
  • With Twitter threads, you want to pick out the most important information in your story and have these be their own tweets.
  • Spread tweets in a thread 7 to 10 minutes apart — resist the urge to use the thread function to post all at once. Spacing out your thread helps with its overall reach.
  • In each tweet in the thread, include the link and an indicator of where you are in the thread (for example, 3/4)
  • If you’re scheduling your thread, never do it on the top of the hour of the :30, times which have lots of other competition from news orgs.
Watch the full Q&A here.

Quote of the Week

I believe that if everybody just took five meaningful hours and read every comment on every YouTube video, every Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn post, about their business and then searched their brand in those ecosystems that they would get more value than their investments in Bain, McKinsey or focus groups. -Gary Vaynerchuk

Weekend Read

A growing group of journalists has cut back on Twitter, or abandoned it entirely (Poynter)



Article by: Tory Starr

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