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Social Media Portal: COVID-19 (Part Three)

As we all get used to a new way of working, today’s newsletter gives you quick tips and resources to continue to adapt your efforts to meet an increasing appetite for edifying, entertaining and consistent content on social media.

Social Media Year in Review: 10 Key Shifts

Over the course of the year, we tracked over 300 changes, updates and new features across all your favorite social media networks and platforms. Of those updates, clear patterns have emerged.

September Social Media Platform Changes RoundUp

Facebook dominates this month’s update with long-requested features for Facebook Live and Instagram. Broadcast previews! Scheduling Instagram posts! Video trimming! Read on for the full list of updates, plus a juicy “rumors” list that hint at other big changes coming down the pike later this fall.

February 3, 2020 – Community + Engagement

At its best, social media is all about making connections and building communities that didn’t exist before. Today’s newsletter focuses on the practice of engaging audiences, from niche and hyper-local to national.