April Roundup: WGBH Social Live Streams

This month, we celebrated Eric Jackson, pre-gamed the Boston Marathon, gave you behind-the-scenes access to Antiques Roadshow’s outdoor summer tour, and premiered the new series “NOVA Wonders” on PBS and Facebook simultaneously. Check out the full list of social live streams produced at WGBH throughout April, 2018.

NOVA Wonders: What Are Animals Saying?

NOVA Live at the New England Aquarium

Navigating Faith and Climate Change: A Facebook Live Discussion

AR Extras On the Road: Sarasota

AR Extras On the Road: Tulsa

Basic Black: Mentoring Young Men And Boys Of Color


Inside Boston: Dorchester

Curiosity Desk Boston Marathon Special!

Basic Black: Education

Talking Crisps and Cobblers with Amy Traverso from Weekends with Yankee

Eric in the Afternoon, Live from the BPL

The Keeling Curve: 60th Anniversary

Live! Actress Christine Lahti at the Boston Public Library


Article by: Tory Starr

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