MTV Cribs: American Experience Edition

Guest post by Erin Binnie, Special Projects Assistant at American Experience

On JFK’s 101st birthday, American Experience took a tour of his birthplace on our Instagram Story. The Story led viewers through the house, providing them with up-close imagery of each room, accompanied with factoids about the Kennedy’s lives while they lived in the house. It became our most successful Story to date. So why did it perform so well?


  • The tour was sequential, going room-by-room, so viewers had watch the entire Story to see the whole house. This led to a high average of Taps Forward, indicating that people wanted to see the Story through to the end. We also had a high average of Taps Back, signifying that people were interested enough to rewatch the images.

Subject Matter

  • Our unofficial “Kennedy Rule,” or the idea that anything featuring JFK is bound to do well, is tried and true. We know that content about the Kennedys is of interest to our social audience and typically performs well.
  • Audiences enjoy going “behind closed doors” and learning about the lives of famous individuals in a very personal space — their homes. Look no further than the success of Vogue’s 73 Questions or MTV Cribs to see that this captivates viewers. 

Stay tuned for more of these “tours” in upcoming anniversaries!


Article by: Tory Starr

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